Meet PTeR

The robot for the rest of us

Meet PTeR

The robot for the rest of us

PTeR is the small business robot that levels the automation playing field.

No Capital Outlay

PTeR is provided as a service, including setup and maintenance with no upfront cost.


Don't plan your facility around automation. PTeR can work anywhere a person can, and can be moved around as required.

Easy to Use

PTeR requires no expertise in robotics to set-up and operate. There's no need to hire specialized staff.

How It Works


Step One

We discuss your application to ensure PTeR can meet your needs.


Step Two

You send us photos of the items PTeR will pick, and where PTeR will work. We use these photos to train PTeR to perform the task.


Step Three

We deliver and set up PTeR at your facility, and finish its training on the job.

Get Started




PTeR can crate produce and CPGs for your production, no matter how much your items change.


Induction and Sorting

PTeR can singulate and flip mail parcels onto conveyors.

Order Fulfilment

Let PTeR pick your e-commerce or farm-to-table orders. To keep it simple, PTeR integrates with your order management system or online store.

Use Case Spotlight

Collectible Card Game Sorting

High card capacity

Easy to handle free-standing stacks

Multiple card games


Starting at

  • Ready to work from day one.
  • Maintenance and consumable replacement.
  • Dashboard for performance monitoring.
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Custom pricing for large fleets.

  • Trained to perform multiple tasks.
  • Unlimited data recording and storage.
  • API for data access and custom analytics.
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